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This site will be going offline soon. Please use the SC SUM ModDB entry (see link at bottom) in the future.

SC SUM is a Mod based on StarCraft Broodwar 1.16.1 that preserves the classic StarCraft gameplay with all its original units, upgrades and abilities but enhances the tech tree by three new unique super units, corresponding new research facilities and lots of new upgrades and abilities.
In detail:

  • 3 new super units
  • 1 new support unit
  • 3 new buildings
  • 15 new abilities
  • 3 new upgrades
  • The Terrans get the Siege Destroyer. A battleship that combines the most powerful Terran technologies. It is equipped with a devastating rapid-fire siege turret, advanced cloaking and armor upgrades, engine booster capabilities and a primary weapon system that makes the Yamato Gun look like a county fair air gun.
  • The Zerg get the Eradicator. The meanest creature throughout known galaxy. Besides it oustanding melee combat strength and toughness it provides a variety of insidious support and assault abilities. This beast eats whole Marine squads for breakfast.
  • The Protoss get the Mothership. This monolithic dreadnought is the ultimate support unit and combines oustanding energy, shielding and warping technologies. Troops in its perimeter become almost invincible. Multi-Mothership-warps can move entire armies into the enemy´s base within the blink of an eye.

Besides the actual download this homepage provides detailed information about all new units, buildings, abilities and upgrades in the corresponding super unit sections.
Furthermore it describes how to use the Mod and lists minor changes to existing units that were necessary to realize some of the new features.
A screenshot gallery and videos are available as well, of course.

SC SUM - StarCraft Super Unit Mod     SC SUM - StarCraft Super Unit Mod